The stool can be given a neater appearance, with square lines to contrast the otherwise rounded shapes, or the stool can keep a little more to its roots as a wild bunch of grass stalks if the stool's ends are not ground square. The stool sits flat on the ground, a small yet definite separation from dust or grass stains, etc.. The free end of the bottom bar hooks in place to keep the filler grass in place. Prevented from un-hooking by the pressure of the grass bundle. keeping things as simple as possible, the straight bar which both hods the filler grass in the frame and creates a flat bottom to the stool, is attached by merely bending around the 'U' shaped frame. The arced shape of the grass bundle, and the flat base shape, are created by the minimal steel strapping which also is a natural guilde when 'building' the stool and the clamp to keep it all together. For the purposes of sitting, the steel frame is out of the way, clamping down at the ends of the grass bundle. appearance of the ends of the grass bundle stool when they are either trimmed flat or left more naturally messy with stalks of random length.
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