What we like so much about our cablery is the way that it has exciting form and detail at many levels of investigation. And this is nowhere more  appropriate than in ear adornment pieces. Onlookers are grabbed by the glimmering light-play, intrigued by the overall form, and drawn in to investigate  further. Even the wearer often discovers qualities which they hadn’t yet appreciated. So that no matter the level of attention one pays to a piece, it always  more to show, and another level of secrets beyond. This means they will catch interest whether they’re a glint in the distance or the focus of attention as a  talking point. Some pieces can be scaled to any dimensions on request. Some have incremental sizes in which they’re available. Many changes can be  accommodated, and you should definitely ask if you have something in mind. Additionally, many of the pieces include options of their forms, as they can  be turned in on themselves, pulled, pushed, hooked, or twisted between states. So some are multiple pieces in one, but the springyness and variability  also adds an element of life and softness to the otherwise sharp and shiny steely first impression. In all, our cablery is highly variable.  The earpiece hangers come from our own range of cablery hangers, or are custom designed to match the particular earpiece if we thought that no  hangers from our range were just-right with the piece. 
Ear Cablery