The form in ‘Kirsten’ exists mainly to create effects of light-play off of the very thin yet reflective stainless steel threads of the hanging star-shaped loops. On a longer hanger, all of the quick movements of the very light loops happen away from the ear. The piece therefore exists more in the space around the neck than as an embelishment for the ear itself.


R250 (31 USD)


- customization -

We have a range of cablery hanger hooks. Earpieces which need hangers will come with the best matching hanger type from our range, which might change as we develop new ones. However you can always choose to specify a combination if you like certain hangers. ‘Kirsten’ is pictured here with Sol- type hangers.

- size -

With Sol- hangers, ‘Kirsten’ is 60 mm long (earhole to lowest point).


‘Kirsten’ is part of our whisper collection.

  Kirsten three light, delicate, star shaped outlines dangle together from an extended hanger
Photograph by Tania Kühl photography More information on the materials, cleaning, etc. of cablery
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