Photograph by Tania Kühl photography

This is a short version of our ‘Magdalena’ piece. The shape speaks of a seed pod, or some other plant derived filamentous structure. Maybe even a flower with an outer array of filaments surrounding the stigma or style.


We first made ‘Magdalena’ simply because it was a form that demanded to exist. Though we thought it would have one fatal flaw. We were pleasantly surprised to find that it isn’t the hair- trap that we expected. And we’re very glad of this, because ‘Magdalena’ is a favorite of ours, simply for its form.


 ‘Magdalena’ is part of our whisper collection.


R300 (37 USD)


- size -

‘Magdalena (short)’ is approximately 50 mm long (earhole to lowest point).

  Magdalena (short) an open network of stainless steel threads come together at their ends, and hang from the ear by an integrated ear hook
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