Cablery Pieces for the Finger
Our fingerpieces range from simple rings, where details and nuances reign, to more extravagant complex lace-work forms. There are usually a few  possibilities with each design. Many of the rings are designed to be springy, adjusting to finger shape and natural changes of finger size, to be more  comfortable to wear. However they are also available in rigid versions.  There are thickness variations of most designs. So that there is a choice of the weight, where for instance a finer band could suit ladies and a hulkier version  could better suit gentlemen. However another way to create a broader, emphasized appearance is to use multiples of the rings. This is possible for many or  most of our designs. It’s even possible to combine rings such as different weights of the same design to create novel appearances.  Details on each ring can be found on their individual expose’ pages, available by selecting the image of the piece on the rusty rod to the left.  You can also view some forthcoming pieces.        .