- Designers’ Perspective - The intention of the mirror finish is to draw the surroundings into the piece, letting it inhabit even less (visual) space on the table. The continuous, simple, finish also directs attention to the surviettes which are often highly decorative or themed. In this way the napkins also never clash with their holder. From a personal perspective, it’s also such a joy to design something that’s not the expected square box for square surviettes on a square table in a square room.
Intended to stand upright, though this is up to the user because  ‘CC’ can also function on its ‘back’ or ‘front’. When horizontal,  surviettes are available from both ends, usually oriented to face  both sides of a dining table. Especially when vertical, napkins  are easy to take since there is no weight, bar or roller holding  them down as is usual for napkin holders. This also prevents the  stack from sticking together by friction and lessens the chance of multiple napkins coming away when only one is pulled. This is  especially important in the moments where messy fingers make  dealing with separating otherwise clean napkins quite  impossible. ‘CC’ therefore helps make cleanup as easy as  possible in those moments of need. Much like a big siter is always there to look after, and  clean up both younger siblings and their messes, ‘CC’ (a play on  “sisi” or sister) is a stoic aid to have at hand. It is even made  from polished aluminium which has a slightly softer and more  feminine sheen than something like stainless steel would have.   ‘CC’ also has the capacity to ‘embrace’ other items on the  table within its arced shape. Less total table space is taken up  this way, which compliments the intention of standing the napkin  holder up on end in this design so as to not occupy a large  square of table real estate. This way the source of the mess can  often be paired with the means of dealing with a mess when it  happens. ‘CC’ is therefore unobtrusive yet highly functional. The  curved form also embraces the napkin stack and keeps them  nicely in place by bending them gently into a functional form  which keeps them together and keeps them in the holder, say  against the wild forces of the world like wind. By using form to  keep the napkins in place in this way, the holder secures either a few or many without moving parts or complication.  The napkin stack can be fanned out in the holder, as the  hollow arc is slightly longer than a single napkin. The held stack  can also be positioned diagonally to present the corners for  grabbing with messy fingers so that one doesn’t battle to avoid  messing on the whole stack.  ‘CC’ is made more easily (machine) washable by her open  ended nature.
Further Photos Napkins can be in any form, and even stowed from both ends. Empty and eagerly awaiting a meal on tip-toes. Standing tall and stocking the smallest napkins available
  CC napkin holder