Strong, 3 mm glass creates these protective cases, which  also permit viewing from all angles. A black base serves as a  neutral platform, with a gloss finish to compliment the glass  surrounds and to produce a subtle reflection of the item  displayed. Stainless steel bolts and nuts keep to the shiny theme  and add an industrial element, almost as if the figures (often  fighters) need to be bolted in and restrained or caged. bolts  are countersunk, and nuts are domed to continue the  neatness and unreactive look and funciton of the cases.  Where the purpose of the product is to be outstanding in its  function, while not noticed itself and instead allow attention  on the displayed contents. Individual display cases offer far greater variability than larger cabinets, especially for those with smaller collections.  For instance cases can be consolidated or stacked, or the  collection can be spread and appreciated in a wider field. The top pane of glass is not bolted in place but nestles  securely within the perimeter of the side panes. The case  can thus be accessed either by removing the top pane or the entire class box from the base, while the flat top permits  stacking.
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- Designers’ Perspective - The context of the final use for which these cases were specifically designed requires that the box form be deconstructed and packed flat for space-saving transport. Brackets are therefore used to hold the glass panes in the final box form. Brackets are positioned for the least impedence of viewing, and the visual impact reduced by using clear material. In fact by beveling the edges of the brackets they are made to catch light and frame the displayed item, and considered placement again assists this function. Sizing keeping to a ratio of phi provides a balanced negative space around figurines, especially since these are usually human(oid).
  Glass Display Case hexahedral glass display and acrylic base