- Designers’ Perspective - Since the spathe is an exact mimmic of the form that the held napkin must take on, the piece itself is thus a built-in instruction on how to prepare the napkins for presentation in the holder.
The beginnings of ‘Spathe’ was the desire to design a napkin holder which  could store and present napkins in a way that was less wasteful of  precious table space than typical holders which take up a big square on  the table top just because that's the shape of a napkin. And a large part of  improving on the flat-stack design that is so common was as much about  'inventing' a new way to present surviettes - in this whirlwind form - as it  was about whatever form the holder eventually took on. In a cone shape, napkins are still stackable. However, when stacked  as a whirlwind they are given form, presence, and one can use their often  detailed appearance as a decorative addition to a table setting. All while  fulfilling that goal of occupying less table space. Being held in the embrace of the conical spathe form allows variation in the way that napkins can be presented. And there are thus a number of  ways in which ‘Spathe’ can be used. For instance, where the napkin set is  arranged to spiral in the holder, the corners of individual surviettes are  more easily accessible with messy fingers. The spathe part can also be  presented laying flat on the table and still keep the surviettes form blowing  in the wind or being dirtied, as they might be if simply placed directly on  the table. Another function, offering surviettes around, is as easy as  grabbing the spathe from its base. In designing with the cone form I realized how it is reminiscent of lily  flowers. In lillies the single large petal that wraps around and forms the  flower’s shape is called the "spathe". However the piece also speaks of the  wind (a whirlwind). And of a flame. To compliment these elemental  allusions, the base speaks of melting ice. So that ‘Spathe’ is really a  combination of the elements, which come together to present one with a  surviette. Not forgetting light, the water-clear cast base grabs light from all  directions and becomes a part of its environment by transmitting the  colours of its surroundings.
  Spathe an elegant re-design of the way napkins are presented