A good place from which to hang this cascade of stainless steel star shaped rings is not as easily found as one might think. So planning should go into how  this piece will fit into its environment. But if you have place for it, the principle can bring something special to a setting. Because even the loaded holder is so  light weight, chandeliers and other furnishings or furniture can function as the point of hanging.   The flowing cluster of star shaped rings which hold the napkins is suspended from any available point near the dining area by an intrinsic cable. The  cable’s spiral form is twisted on itself to lock in place, forming a loop that is hung around any available point. Varying the size of the loop allows the hanging  height to be variably set. The standard version comes with six napkin holding loops. It has a hanger cable that suspends the top of the procession of stars  variably between 35 cm and 52 cm below the attachment point (and the lowest star as much as little as 58 cm and as much as 75 cm from the attachment  point). However the piece can be ordered with other capacities and lengths. 
A consideration for napkin holders that is seemingly ignored in  conventional designs is to reduce the space taken up on the table.  ‘Starfall’ takes the reduction of table clutter to the extreme by  totally removing the napkin holder from the table. It also drastically  changes the way in which the napkins are presented from a  manilla square pile to a raceme of individual napkins, like a floral  display. Apart from showing off the napkins, which are often very  decorative in their own right, the separation of individual napkins  makes them particularly easy to retrieve without spreading the  mess from messy hands onto multiple napkins as often happens if  they are presented in a stack. the star rings are sized to grip a  rolled napkin without making it difficult to remove. And though the  set is suspended from a single point upon which it can sway, a  napkin is easily freed with a gentle tug, and by touching only that  napkin. When empty, the spiraling cascade is an attractive lacework  which therefore disappears into the scene, except for sparkles of  reflected light (something like a subtle wind chime that works with  light rather than sound). 
  Starfall hanging napkin presentation