The white-clear plastic captures and transmits light from the surrounds, mimmicing water but with geometric form. Being stand-alone, the holders can be re-positioned as the bathroom outlay  changes, and relative to each other. The charred and sealed wooden packaging can be burned once it has served its purpose of getting the toothbrush holders safely home.
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  Paired Toothbrush Stands  Tall Female and Male symbols forming tube stands for holding toothbrushes upright, separately, out of the way, and in bathrooms without the usual mundane fixtures.
- Designerís Perspective - Mass is added, and a buttress formed by the shape of the symbol being more than a simple tube. Which adds stability to the type of holder that is inherently a balancing act. This is perhaps a metaphor for the role of (sexual) identity as a foundational component to the individual. But also a metaphor for the relationship that exists between the standsí users as it does between the stands. Since without the ability to be individually stable, and without the identity that the symbols represent, there would be no possibility of interplay between the two. The interplay itself becomes quite interesting when the stands are in use, and one can choose to read into the closeness of the stands, their bearings, or relative positions, and the lean of the toothbrushes. The relationship can be playful, sensual, reflective, or even cold. In all, this is a product for those who are specific and contemplative about everything they do, even how they leave their toothbrushes to rest. Using the male & female symbols was a bold choice since not everyone lives with a partner and would take on the product. However the symbolism and all of the characteristics of a pair of male and female toothbrush holders was simply too tempting to not follow up the design concept.       This isnít the first example of a tube stand supporting the very bottom of the toothbrush. But we werenít trying to break the mould with this one. Rather, simply to provide a good option for those instances where the more typical (and mundane) holders arenít possible or desirable.  The exterior of the solid wood packaging is charred and sealed with a clear, gloss coating. The total light absorbtion of the carbon lattice that is charcoal contrasts the optical clarity of the toothbrush stands themselves. Yet the reflective quality of the gloss links the box to the toothbrush holders it contains. The use of charcoal is also reminiscent of its use for cleaning the mouth and teeth. Surface sealing the charred exterior ensures that the box wonít shed messy powder. And a box made from a solid piece of wood leaves the package strong and stable even after charring. In fact, the burning of the wooden packaging can be completed as a means of disposal (preferrably while cuddling in front of a fire), so that it wonít be any burdon on waste disposal systems. The clear sealant is an all natural product and can be burned without producing noxious fumes.
The stands are cast in a very hard, white-clear (more transparent than glass) resin. So  they mimic the water centred environment of the bathroom. The optical clarity lets the  stands draw in and transmit colours so that they become a part of their surrounds  wherever they are placed. Indeed, the point of these stands is to allow any flat surface to  become the perch for a couple’s toothbrushes, especially when other toothbrush holders  don’t suite the space. The smooth surfaces of the toothbrush stands don’t retain moisture, or anything  that might come with it, and therefore stay clean. But also are easy to wipe. The open  bottom stops a well of run-off droplets forming, where they could sit stagnant such when  a glass or mug is used to stow toothbrushes. Other versions are produced in white or grey cement (surface sealed). Units can  be supplied separately, though usually come in a paired set. The stands needn’t  necessarily be used for toothbrushes, and other items such as razors fit into the tube. But  any secondary use is simply fortuitous as the intention for these pieces is definitely  specific.