Minimal supports hold napkins perfectly in an  architectural form, making the napkins the centre  of attention themselves. The otherwise mundane  square stack is given life in the hold of the  curves. Yet the structure is open, and raised from the table, and both inseting and removing  napkins is. The shape of the base is mirrored in the  shape of the napkin stack when the holder is full.  Complimenting this, the base partially reflects the  image of the napkin above. The corners of napkins stand up and out  for easy grabbing by messy fingers without  dirtying the rest of the stack. Coaxed into a 3D  form, napkins are prevented from blowing away  in wind, but are fully visible and become a  display.
  Wings (for Marie) shapely napkin holder
The version pictured is brush finished, surface sealed steel. ‘Wings’ is also available in polished stainless steel which we recommend.
- Designers’ Perspective - As consumables given little value and easily discarded, surviettes become mundane and unconsidered. Contrastingly, intricate and high quality surviettes are often used to compliment and further the theme of decor, and become far more than mundane disposables. ‘Wings’ celebrates the short lived beauty of the surviette by giving it form and presence among the table settings. The un-detailed finish puts emphasis on form, and also lets any decorative detail of the surviettes take the attention, much like a vase forms the subdued pedistal for a floral display.