Adornment for the neck can be type-cast. There are close fitting chokers, which are perhaps the only true neck adornment since other jewelry  tends to use the neck more as a hanging point than the focal point. Chokers tend to be decorative throughout and turn the whole neck region into  a display. Then there are hanging pieces which typically use thread, chain, or other means for holding an elaborate or impressive centrepiece,  using the neck as a draping point. But since there also exists everything in between, we don’t necessarily like to draw classification lines. However  for display purposes ...      And can the neck-tie be classified as jewelry? A ‘personal accessory’ maybe? Our ties, like some of our other pieces, blur the edges of their  supposed classification and get to offer up new options for personal adournment as a result. So we present this neck-worn cablery here and keep  with body-region specific grouping of our cablery.
Neck Cablery
NECKLACE Priscilla Ellouise Adriana Lizel Necklaces & Pendants PENDANTS CHOKER TIE
Some of our necklaces are intended as cablery versions of a ‘string’ upon which a focal piece is hung. Cablery pendants specifically intended as  such focal pieces are shown alongside, however very many of our earring forms could be hung on one of the necklace lines. So browse through  our Earpieces for ideas.