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- Sizing - ‘Lizel’ is available in any size, to the nearest 20 mm. To determine the length best suited to you, use a stiff ribbon around the neck and resting on, or just above the clavicles.
‘Lizel’ is intended to be worn close to the neck, but not as a choker. It adds a shimmer, or a whisp of reflected light to the neck. The piece can be worn singly  for a light effect, or in multiples for as full and volumous an effect as you choose to create. With the extreme of a large cushion of the kinked lines being  reminiscent of frilly Elizabethan collars.  The circular lacey pattern is continuous around most of the neck as the piece exists to bring the light-play effect to the general appearance of the neckregion  rather than being a focal piece.  A pattern breaking clasp of any sort is absent. The individual wires come together at their ends, and the spiral thread that is created by the set links with the  other such end simply by winding (turning) the spirals on each other.  ‘Lizel’ is part of our whisper collection.
   Lizel shapely fine wires for a sparkling sheer effect
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