The wave form is an indellible stamp in  our cablery and is especially  prominent in wrist pieces. However,  though the appearance of some the  cablery might suggest that it has  unforgiving structure, it is in fact quite  elastic. All wrist cablery pieces have a  spring to them, and elastically deform  so that they are responsive, more  lifeliike and more comfortable than  rigid metal bangles. The rebounding pliance of the  cablery is especially useful if you  dislike loose bangles which fall some  way down the hand, and either wedge  there  uncomfortably or get in the way.  The solution to this is to wear a  smaller bangle which can’t slide  around as much and keeps to the  wrist. Of course a stiff metal loop can  only be as small as can fit over ones  hand, while the springy cablery can  conform to the shape of the hand to  slide on, and then bounce back to  shape on the wrist. So that a smaller  piece can be worn.
Wrist Cablery
The common rule of thumb for  determining the appropriate size for a wrist piece is to mesure the wrist  (circumference) and add 25 to 30  mm (~ 1 inch) to this. With our pieces  this can be reduced to 13 mm,  depending on the delicacy of the  piece and the hand of the wearer.  Some people however prefer the  loose, hanging appearance and the  joy of the cablery is that it allows this  choice, and one can opt for a larger  size. And in fact, a range of different  sizes can be worn together to create  layered effects with appropriate  pieces because of this characteristic  of the cablery. Wristpiece, along with  fingerpiece cablery, is a good part of  our range for guys to explore. Or a  good section to start with if you’re  looking for gifts for guys, since some  of the pieces are more masculine.  Guys, we recommend that you scroll  down and start browsing from the  bottom upward. That’s not to say that  ladies aren’t catered for, and our  whisper collection is especially fine  and more delicate.
Numerous sizes, and two versions with smaller or larger wave form available