Very similar to ‘Josephine’, this is a set of wave form wires combined in a bracelet where they flow alongside each other for most of the loop around the  wrist. The wires come together at one point where they are joined by metalwork to form the bracelet. The only difference between ‘Josephine’ and  ‘Josephina’ is how the wires come together in each case. (Hover over the photo to view the joining point.)       ‘Josephina’ comes in two versions. The first uses slightly thicker wires and fewer of them, resulting in a more sparse flowing lacework. The other  version includes more lines which are thinner to create a more delicate appearance with more body. Either version can be worn in multiples to increase  their visual impact.       The stainless steel lines are the strongest material possible for this application, and their flexibility means that any normal distortion of the bracelet  will bounce right back into shape. However we don’t recommend wearing the piece during rigorous activities where a wire might get snagged (for  instance when playing with pets).  ‘Josephine’ is a part of our Whisper collection.
   Josephina a collection of fine wires flow together around the wrist
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